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Burj Al Arab Hotel

urj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel is the only seven star hotel in the world.It is a luxurious hotel and famous one in Dubai's premier Jumeirah Beach.The height of the hotel is 321 m that is 1053 ft.It is the second tallest building in the world.It has iconic structure and symbolize like mimic the sail of a boat.The Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m out from Jumeirah beach, and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge.

The model of the hotel.

There are many five star hotels with all facilities and trying for sixth star but Burj Al Arab Hotel is the only seven star hotel.There are 202 bedrooms in that hotel.The smallest room occupies an area of 169 square meters (1,819 sq ft), the largest covers 780 square meters (8,396 sq ft). It is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The cost of staying in a starts from $1,000 per night.The Royal Suite is the most expensive, at $28,000 per night.

The prefiguration was the first project to take the step into the water.It opened up The Gulf for inhabitation.One of its restaurants, Al Muntaha is located 200 metres (660 ft) above the Persian Gulf that extends 27 metres (89 ft) from either side of the mast, and is accessed by a panoramic elevator.Another restaurant, the Al Mahara, which is accessed via a simulated submarine voyage, features a large seawater aquarium, holding roughly 990,000 litres of water. The tank, made of acrylic glass.

The features of the hotel.There are 250 designers,900 tones of steel 43000 square meters of glass,13000 square meters of Carrara marbles,12000 square meters of Brazilian granites, 32000 square meters of Italian mosaic,1500 square meters of 24 carat gold leaf,1200 colleagues to bring you.

How to relax our mind

Search for Powerful New Health

The mind—body—spirit debate has developed into a well known researched fact over the past decade. While there has always been some amount of contribution given to the mindset of any patient, only recently has the concept of caring for the “entire self” become a common practice in today’s modern medicine and prevention programs. Mind—body—spirit wellness has reached new levels of inclusive factors for today’s health conscious individuals. Holistic health has finally reached acceptance in many offices of doctors and practitioners of medicine.
The power of caring for one’s entire body is really quite impressively powerful. Individuals who have opted for total mind—body—spirit wellness have been able to determine great levels of health and energy within their own framework by allowing their entire being into account. Studies on the power of the mind have shown some shocking results, the effects have been proven to be of course, mind—blowing.

Holistic health is essential in providing high quality total care for your self, your family, and your overall well being. Studies have proven that holistic health practices have dramatically reduced the number and frequency of illnesses related to common every day exposure. School children living in mind—body—spirit wellness focused homes miss less than half of the school days due to illness than that of their classmates still living in traditional Western medicine focused homes.

Accounts of real world individuals being able to provide testimony to the effects of holistic health practices on their daily lives are continuously increasing. Many individuals offer that the mind—body—spirit wellness approach to life has given them not only their physical health back, but their emotional health as well. For those who place more emphasis on the testimony of physicians and healthcare practitioners, there are an increasing number of offices that practice mind—body—spirit wellness as part of their routine care.

Holistic health and the mind—body—spirit wellness approach to life has also opened up a while new industry for the entrepreneurial spirit. Many manufacturers feel that it has been nothing short of a blessing to fully endorse their product without doubting the word of their advertisers. There is a vast and endless ocean of new and improved products which adhere to holistic health practices and principles which have emerged onto the market as of late, and for the most part, these products actually do what they say they are going to do. Of course, we wouldn’t be an enterprising society if a few unscrupulous manufacturers didn’t sneak in there for their piece of this multi billion dollar industry. Our culture responded appropriately by deeming specific authorities on the topic to be the final word in quality and effectiveness.

By developing institutes that focus completely on mind—body—spirit wellness and awareness, there has been a successful and remarkable overhaul in the basic integrity of holistic health materials and products. While of course there are still some scam factories out there, the vast majority of holistic health companies want to be part of this ever growing, popular, and health enhancing trend that is changing the lives and souls of everyone involved.

Holistic health products that are able to make claims of providing “miracle” results are generally not considered to be authentic products endorsed or even recognized by any authority of holistic health practices. Rather, while there have been case reports regarding “miraculous results” on an individual basis, the mind—body—spirit wellness community does not promote grand promises but instruction, focus, and of course, directives that help individuals enhance their mind—body—spirit connection. Very few products on the holistic health market today receive genuine endorsements or “approval” from these authorities. Those that do have not only been proven to deliver what they promise, but also meet a strict standard of what constitutes and actual holistic health product.

As the mind—body—spirit wellness and awareness movement grows and matures over the next few years, there is bound to be growth in numerous areas of product development. What has reached the market now can be considered to be some remarkable enhancements in the holistic health practice. In fact, there have been a few products which not only earn the endorsement of leading authorities, but actually are not expected to be able to be produced better than they are right now. This is a pretty bold statement considering that technology and education will never be static yet those few products out there that are being praised and sung by the leading authorities have literally taken the holistic health product market by storm.
The mind—body—spirit wellness movement and the holistic health practices that are now finally being viewed as medical advancements will continue to offer our society a new way of looking at health, not to mention a vast assortment of new health treatments. This can only be considered to be good news for those who suffer from chronic conditions, serious health problems and illnesses, or the healthy who wish to remain that way.



Full view of Courtallam.

Local people will call this as main falls.

What is special in Courtallam?

This is the closer view of main falls.

Courtallam is the most familiar place which to visit .It is famous two main things.The first one is falls and the another one is mental hospital.The water in the falls is mixed with lots and lots of herbals which have medicinal value.Hence it makes the body healthier and fresher.It acts as as a treatment for many skin diseases and also there is a belief that it cures even mentally disordered persons.

About Courtallam?

This is old main falls.

Courtallam is devoted to Lord Siva. Lord Siva have sent Saint Agastheyar to the south to avoid a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium due to overcrowding in the mount Kailas on his celestial wedding. Another notable feature of Courttalam is Chithra Sabha. This temple contains many inscriptions about Chola and Pandya Kings. Chitra Sabha is made out of medicinal herbs. The wooden carved planks serve as doors. Numerous rivers such as the Chittar River, the Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and the Tambaraparani River originate here.

Dangerous Place

The circle is a deep hole till now the depth of it didn't determined some are telling it is as huge as 10000 elephants.There are many rocks here and there.Many used to stand in the rectangle marked place and they can't balance their weight and fall into the deep hole.Many used to see that for adventurous but its not a good one.Only one was alive in that.On;y one person was there who will go into the deep hole to rescue or to take the dead bodies.He used to say that there is an angel she used to show the dead bodies which got struck in to rocks.

Water Supply

This is the pipe line for drinking water supply to local areas.This is healthy and tasty and good for everything.If you keep your hand it will be chill.Water will be purified and supplied even though it is pure.The water is stored in a place called Shenbagadevi .

monkeys are more and more numbers in courtallam .They will roam in groups sometimes individually.It used to take dresses snakes and some times our things too. so be care full with them.

This is the way where water used flow to main falls

By the way to honey falls we can see this place.If you go upside of courtallam hills you will get shenbagadevi falls and then this at last honey falls.But all are too dangerous to claim.

This is that one of the top o f the hill.

This the most favorite place to local place to take bath.This place many used to avoid this place.This photo is taken in summer so the water level is too low .If it is rainy season then that's all no one can stay here.To reach this place you have jump rocks it will be risky but enjoyable one.The color of the water will be pure while seeing you can analyze it.

Old Courtallam

This is another falls called old Courtallam.This is 5 km far from main falls.This is also a very good falls.Its some what far from the villages.It will near to forest.

Tiger Falls

In this falls water will be coming nicely but it's not like other falls.It will be 10 inches that's all.many used avoid this place.But nice place.Tiger came and drank water in this place so it's called tiger falls.This is on the way to old Courtallam. It will be superb to take bath in this place.

Five Falls

This is five falls. In this falls water is divided into five and it is falling so it's five falls.This is very very nice place to visit.The whole area will be cool and some insect sound will be there.It will be nice to hear.Here many fruits will be available there are many shops to shopping.

Five falls is 5 km far from Courtallam.On the way there is a boating place.You can enjoy the place.

Branoor Barder

This is the best place to eat chicken.Here is a hotel called Rahmath famous in that area many people will come from to eat here.then you will be knowing the taste of that.only chicken is available and best one.

Courtallam is 5 km from Shengottai,6 km from Thenkasi,40 km from Thirunelveli,117 km from Thiruvanathapuram.167 km from Madurai.If you are coming by flight means you have to get down in Tuticorin that is the nearest Airport from there nearly 100 km.If you are coming by train then you have to get down in Thenkasi is the best option to come there or you should come to Tirunelveli(ten) by these trains from Chennai Eggmore(ms) Nellaiexpress,Kanyakumariexpress,Annatapuriexpress,,Msguruvayur express EXP from there you have to travel around one and half an hour .Buses Government and travels from Koyambedu.


Have you planned of going tour ?.I can give you a idea about Kodaikanal and some of the specials of that.This is the most famous tourist place where many people from different places will come here often.

Kodaikanal is called as the Princess of Hill stations..It is a very cool place to visit.There are many places to visit over there.The specialty of the places are many to say about that.
They are Kodaikanal Golf Club,Kodaikanal Lake,Kodaikanal Solar Observatory,Bryant Park,Coaker's Walk,Bear Shola Falls,Green Valley View,Shenbaganur Museum of Natural History,Pillar Rocks,Guna caves,Silver Cascade,Dolphin's Nose,Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple.

Kodaikanal Golf Club has a 18 hole, par 71 Golf course. It is on Golf links Road near the popular view point Suicide Point and 3 kilometers (2 mi) before the Pillar Rocks viewpoint and flower garden. Kodaikanal is a private membership club .Non-members are allowed to play the full 18 holes by becoming temporary members or by paying the required green fees. Non-members must have a handicap or take lessons before they play here.The course is closed April 15 to June 15.

Kodaikanal Lake is harldly around 0.5 km from the bus stand,it is around a distance of 60 acres that was lake built in 1863. It is recognized as Kodaikanal's most popular geographic landmark and tourist attraction. Rowboats and pedalos can be hired at the Kodaikanal Boat Club .Horses and bicycles can be hired beside the lake for short periods. The 5 kilometers path that skirts the periphery of this lovely lake is a favourite walk for the locals and tourists alike.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is the highest location near Kodai. The first observations were commenced here in 1901. Former Director John Evershed, discovered the phenomenon of radial motion in sunspots, now known as the Evershed effect. by using this solar tunnel Telescope you can have a clear view of Sothupparai Dam, Vaigai Dam, Periyakulam and Varaha river. It is open daily to the public during peak season, and a few hours each Friday the rest of the year.

Bryant Park is a wonderfully maintained 20.5 acres botanical garden. The park was planned and built in 1908 by a forest officer from Madurai, H.D.Bryant, and named after him. With 325 species of trees, the park is filled with stunning flowers during the peak season. There are nearly 740 varieties of roses. Eucalyptus tree and a Bodhi tree . The park organizes horticultural exhibits and flower shows every summer, to coincide with the peak season. Entrance fee to the park is nominal and it is open all year.

Coaker's Walk is a pedestrian walking over the edge of the mountain ,it starts from van allen hospital and joins to main road besides the st peters church.On a clear day one can view as far as Dolphin's Nose in south, the Pambar River in the southeast, Periyakulam town and even the city of Madurai.

Guna caves was made popular by the Tamil movie Guna, previously it was called as Devil’s Kitchen, are deep chambers between the three gigantic boulders that are the Pillar Rocks. The deep narrow path of the caves are now closed to public due to the continuos deaths of twelve youths there.These dangerous caves are highly protected now, and tourists can see sections of the cave system from afar.

kurunji Andavar Temple is famous for its Kurinji flower which blossoms in the area only once every 12 years. the temple belongs to Lord Murugan. This temple was built by a European lady and she was converted to Hinduism.

Bryant Park,Bear Shola Falls, and Silver cascaded falls views.These are also a very nice place to visit.Nearby this mountain there a big and famous temple called Palani. every one should visit this place.


Suicide Point View

Green Valley View

Dolphin's Nose

This looks like Dolphin's nose so it is named like that.This is most dangerous place.Many people often will here and enjoy they beauty of that and go.But you should aware of the danger and should avoid taking risks.

Silver Cascade
This is the nice falls to take bath.It will be more chill to take bath.Here carrot vegetable is nice to eat .Kodai is famous for chocolates.home made chocolates will be av available here.It will very nice.

Palani Hills

This is very famous temple near Kodai.Lord Murugah is here.This temple prasatham is famous over all India.Many people who comes to Kodai will be coming here.

This Place near Madurai maximum of 3 hours journey from there.It's near Kovai also.Madurai nearest Air Port.Train is also Madurai is the nearest place.